Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Hoorah !

Experiencing busy times stop.
No time to think stop.
Sewing up a storm stop.
Last Handmade Expo for the year on Saturday stop.
All Christmas stock at my market stall half price stop.
Being busy in mimmis stop.
Thinking about new range for next year stop.
Enjoying baby grandson number 4 stop.
Holiday planning stop.
I'll be able to stop soon and have a break, get re vitalised, see a movie, eat lots of fine food, shop until I drop, in Melbourne after Christmas, for a week!

Is this what it feels like for you too ?

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Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Lovely Miriam, love your post, hehee. So jealous you are off to Melbourne again soon, you are going to have a wonderful re-energising time.
Look forward to seeing you in the New Year...eekkk that is not that far away..OK back to work I go, keep calm,
Christmas Kiss noises,