Thursday, August 11, 2011

Absent explanation !

Hi everyone,

Looking back over the last month since I posted, things continue to grow and grow business wise and am finding it hard to keep up sometimes. I actually should be sewing and cutting out right now ! LOL

Mimmis is powering full steam ahead and expanding every day it seems as new ideas come to fruition.

I hosted a lovely workshop with tutor Jule from Whimsical Imaginaings and using Miss Rose Sister Violet products..the feedback and reactions to the workdhops were amazing and so far off the scale, I could never have imagined.

I have now set up my 8 seater back room to host mini workshops and to create a space for the crafty to come, sit, chat and create. I am especially encouraging the concept of UFO'S, come and finish something you started and just never got around to finishing whilst in the company of like minded people, have a cuppa, relax and enjoy.

I have also enlisted the services of very clever scrapper, Jody from Stick'nGiggle to do 3 workshops to start with. Will blog dates and workshop details soon.

I am also open to anyone with a talent and wanting to share with others to please contact me, whether it be knitting or crotcheting, decoupage or embroidery or a hundred other clever things that go on in the crafty world, small groups are waiting to learn something new, right here, right now!

We have also been organising a couple of ANNUAL Market events, one being right here in Forest Hill on 1st October ( 50 days time ! ) if you are interested, please pop over to The Handmade Expo blog and fill in an application as spaces are filling quickly for this country boutique style market.

I will post soon about mimmis backroom upcoming adventures.

You can also keep up to date on mimmis facebook page.

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