Saturday, October 30, 2010

mimmis update

Forgive me blogging buddies for I have sinned, It's been ages since I last blogged.

Just reading my last post it was 23 days until I open mimmis and now its only 11 days ! eeks eeks and double eeks !

What is left to do? Only organise internet connection so I can Facebook all the exciting happenings, new stock and sewing updates and hopefully be really busy! Not too busy though, I would still like to take some time to smell the roses !

Speaking of Roses, I will be stocking lovely goodies from Miss Rose Sister Violet, oh yummo ! ( and some other special places that I totally cant decide on !) I have some super creative people helping me stock mimmis on commission as well and this excites the pants off me. I will let you know who they all are soon but you can definately keep up to date on this new journey of mine by following on facebook, It's awesome ! I have a mimmis page and a Miriam Bain page, so I'll see you over there really soon.

If you would like to come to mimmis opening on 11th November, Then please accept this as your prsonal invitation, I'd love for you to come and see what I'm doing, and have a gorgeous lunch across the road at Caffe Sorella.

The address is Victoria St, Forest Hill, QLD 4342 in your GPS . Theres only one street with shops so you cant miss it !

If you dont get to opening day but need a bubbachenille fix, I still have my things in Handmade Heaven, I am attending Gatton Christmas in the Country next Friday and Sat and will have my usual stall at The Handmade Expo Market on 20th Nov.

Busy busy busy and hopefully worth it, worth it, worth it !!


Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Good luck with this new venture Miriam. Have visited the cafe across the road, and I am sure you will 'bounce' off each other. Would love to come to the opening - time permitting. Hope all goes well. Regards, Di

Kate said...

How exciting! Hope all goes well with the opening, will definitely pop by when next I am on your side of town!