Monday, October 19, 2009

A winner !

And the winner is...da dah..theresabuttonmissing, yay I will scoot you an email incase you aren't reading right now !
Thanks to everyone who followed all the rules, it was a big one I know and I wont make the next one soooo big, promise !
So if you'd like to have some Christmas Yo Yo's just leave me a comment and next Monday I'll draw a name out of a bowl that photographs well and doesn't have a white interior!

Thanks also to everyone who made it to The Handmade Expo on Saturday, alas we didn't break the record for Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. It wasn't for lack of trying thats for sure! We had fun doing it anyway and there maybe another attempt around Christmas time!
There were lots of new stalls and we all started our Christmas shopping, even Mr bubba blew the budget!

Trying to find the most delicious bowl to put all the names in to draw a winner and when I took pics, it nearly blinded me ! ( remember I cant turn my flash off ! )

The delicious bowl came from Lilly Cottage.. It's pink and heart shaped so there couldn't be anything nicer!


Scurrette said...

D'oh! It was suppose to be moi that won! Haha. Congrats and I'd love to be in the next draw for the yoyo's!

Cute as Buttons said...

Yay for them. Lovely bowl...didn't get down that way on Saturday. Might have to pop out to Petrie. You know I am a sucker for Yo Yos so, yes, please! Lisa

m.e (Cathie) said...

congrats! LOVE the bowl..o course :)

Buy Design said...

I wonder if I am too far away to win. I hope not. I do like to win things.