Saturday, August 1, 2009

Position Vacant..

If there is anyone out there in blog land who would be interested or know of someone who may be interested in doing some sewing,
some piece work,

starting off with one full day a week, possibly leading to two days, (depending on how fast you are at sewing ! )

In my studio in Laidley, 25 minutes from Ipswich, 20 minutes from Gatton, 45 minutes from Toowoomba, max 1 hour from Brisbane some areas!

I am very flexible, which could mean work one day with me and take home a days work to bring back the following week for example.

Nothing intricate or difficult.

To start in three to four weeks.

Morning and afternoon tea and lunch supplied! :)

Interested ? Know someone who may be you could let them know?

This is a serious, genuine offer, I need help and am willing to pay, I am overwhelmed and need a small boost, as I really want to fulfill some big committments, if you have an interest please email me at and we can convo !!

Please feel free to forward this info to someone else who may not be into blogging or simply may not read my blog !



Little Diva said...

how exciting that you need some help!! and it must be nice to be able to say "my studio" now! Hope the move went well and you find someone to help out. Christine xo

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

I am on it Mim... I am sure the emails will come flooding in... what an offer!


clare's craftroom said...

Good luck , someone will jump at the chance , unfortunately I can't jump quite that far !I'm in NSW.