Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Polka Dot Swap OMGoodness !

My Polka Dot Swap partner was Tracey from Nifty Thrifty in the UK. She received my parcel a few days ago and today when I was leaving the house to run some errands, I spotted a parcel by the front door. I quicky got out of the car and grabbed it with glee ! When I got back in the car I realised I couldn't open it yet, I had to be able to photograph each stage of the opening process and drool over the surprise ! :)
When I finally got home (which was only about half an hour but seemed like days ! )
here's what was inside the parcel....ooh la la!

I am a tease aren't I ? Four little parcels and a gorgeous handmade card with a polka dot dress on the front and lots of lovely words inside, (thanks Tracey ), then the real fun began!

Oh I could smell something before I even started ! The most lovely lavender bags that look like tea bags with polka dot tags on the end and some real tea for later ! Tracey, how did you know lavender was my fave ? Too heavenly !

Next was this pin cushion cuff, I'll get a lot of use from this and there'll be less pin marks in my boobs as I sometimes kind of miss my shirt and go all the way though...(I love this..:) and I don't own one of these but have eyed them off on line and at markets so this is great ! Thanks Tracey !

Before I unwrapped I couldn't have ever guessed what this would be, OMGoodness, look at these cute as scuffs, they have a heavy denim on the sole and these are so cute, I think I'll enjoy these around the pool when we move ! (Thanks Tracey X :) As if this wasn't enough there were two other things wrapped up too but my camera kept over exposing , one was a gorgeous pre loved pillow slip with embroidery and tiny white dots and a vintage handkerchief also with...you guessed it dots over it.
This is my first online swap ever and I have to say it was so much fun giving and receiving!
Thanks so much Tracey, You made my day and thanks to Stacey at http://www.polka-dot-daze.blogspot.com/ for organising this amazing swap.

Now to other serious stuff, Last week was so full on with getting ready for the market and all the usual busy stuff that happens when you are in the early stages of buying a new house and selling the one you are in, I had to get some help with market preparations ! Here's my new helper, after a very successful market just recently this helper has decided that maybe there is "something in what she is doing ! " and she's not just "hobbying" all day every day ! He was happy to help when I asked him !

And I'm trying to keep the house in some sort of order though all these preparations !

And we did have a great day at the Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick, actually it was a hoot !

Speaking of HOOT, I got this skirt for Winter from Bec over at little brown dog , they are pockets in the front too, all made from recycled blankets ! So warm!

Going to sew now!


nifty thrifty said...

really pleased all your spotty dotty gifts arrived safe and sound. Isn't it amazing that we can send something to the other end of the world and it arrives in just a few days. Thank you for being such a fab swap partner, this has been such a pleasure x

clare's craftroom said...

What lovely gifts . My partner received hers in USA in 4 days !
Glad you've been doing so well at the markets and getting some help !

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi there, wow you got spoilt with your swap! What a success it was! I am glad you enjoyed it. Funny, I was just looking at that skirt on her blog. She must have popped over to my blog from yours and left a comment, which lead me to her (does that make sense). Good luck at the markets!

Cute as Buttons said...

You are a lucky girl...maybe a nice reward for all of your hard marketing. Lisa.

Trish Goodfield said...

You have better self control than I do. I would have ripped straight into it and then recreated it for the photos. Cute helper, he needs to smile next time.

edward and lilly said...

So jealous of your polka dot swap goodies!

Little Diva said...

that saying is sooo true. I used to not have a lot going on between markets but just in the week before when I'd be trying to make enough to have, that's when I'd get other outside orders.. At the moment I've got three shop orders to complete.... eek... and I really want to get started on some new stuff. Not that I'm complaining!! Christine xo

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Miriam! Wow! Your polka dot gifites are WAY COOL! :0) Lucky you, though I bet your partner was spoilt, too. Don't envy you doing the packing/selling/buying house thing - I'm having enough trouble getting ONE ROOM back in some kind of order - I get the feeling I'll be playing hide-and-seek with kitchen stuff for the next 10 years! tee! Hee! Hee! We'll have to catch up for a cuppa again soon - let me know! Bear Hugs! KRIS

jaboopee said...

hi, i love to get parcels too ,and it wasnt' even your birthday!
its really odd to hear you talking about how cold it is there, my impression of australia is that its always really hot ! , its summer here this side of the world though as per usual its raining!

Harley Dee said...

How fun, a polka dot swap! Thanks for leaving me some blog love about the baby shower :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great polka dots!!! How's the moving coming along??