Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh So Busy !

We went out on the new boat on Saturday and stopped in the village at Somerset Dam at a lovely little cafe, owned by Linda, it's only been open six months or so and Linda is living the dream. Good luck to her we say...Great name too, "Catchment Cafe" great slogan too.. "the best dam food around"...http://www.catchmentcafe.com.au/. If you are looking for somewhere to go for Sunday drive, the dam is lovely, the village is also lovely, quaint and picturesque, lots of birdlife, koalas (if you're lucky enough) camping, boating all that stuff.

Have also been very busy sewing and creating making new bubbachenille lovelies, one has already been baggsed by daughter number two, (is that allowable?)

I think I might even bags one of these myself !

We love PINK...

and we love Pink and brown together!

and sometimes .... but not ever before ..... we love blue !

1 comment:

princess pudge said...

haha blue is always so much better than pink :P

lovely stuff as always *sigh*