Friday, October 11, 2013

Heres a little reminder of our October dates for our market.
A feast of some of the most amazing crafts people in Queensland.

Friday, June 28, 2013

mimmis in the spotlight

Just wanted to pop by and show you all who dont live in South East Queensland or who aren't on Facebook my little brush with fame ( about a minute ! ) 
Its on my facebook page and it wont copy to my blog. 
If you go to and scroll down to the 16th June you'll be able to view the 3 minute interview that aired on the box.

My little brush with fame has led to a much greater awareness and has been so wonderful for mimmis.  I have met an amazing array of new friends who have travelled from far and wide to check out my shop and wonder at all the clever people who entrust me to help sell their handmade wares too.

My website has been great for mimmis too, although only new and a bit on the slow side, I felt I had to jump on board the ecommerce side of things so I am ready for when there aren't shops anymore ???  Thats what I feel like its getting to sometimes, with everyone purchasing on line these days !
Do you shop on line?

How are you all ?  Its been ages hasn't it?  Have a lovely day wont you :-)

Ok well off to play in mimmis now, change all the things I dreamt about last night !

Friday, April 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I launched my brand new website.  I think its delicious and am totes in love with it !
I will be filling my shop all the time with new items, so please come and visit again.
Madly preparing for the Foresthil market on 4th May.  mimmis will be open on that day also.
Here's my new website

Friday, April 5, 2013

Foresthill Boutique Market, Just in time for mothers day.
New stallholders welcome.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am so glad the date was on my last post...achem  once again its been way too long !
Just wanted to let you know that I am still here, busy keeping mimmis looking beautiful with new giftware, furniture and handmade items.
I am still and always looking for gorgeous handmade items on commission that compliment my range.
If you have something gorgeous , please email me at and we can have a look at your lovely work.  If you aren't sure whether your things would be a beautiful match then I invite you to have a browse on my facebook page and see what you think.

I will very soon be releasing my brand new website, shop included and is being worked on by a web designer as I write this post,  I cant wait to show you all.

Our markets have been going great guns, with 4 monthly venues now and at least two more coming on board this year ( that are in the final stages of planning). Kingaroy, Morayfield, Redlands and Ipswich are all going great guns and mostly averaging 80 stalls of deliciously gorgeous handmade  stalls.
If you think your area needs a well run, proven handmade market and know someone who could run said market, please email the market or pass this info to someone you might think would be interested.
You can email with your idea.

At mimmis I was lucky enough to have a visit yesterday from The Great South East, a show run on channel 7 every Sunday at 5.30.  They came to do a piece on mimmis and will be aired in the next 4 weeks or so.  This will be amazing for mimmis and Foresthill, in the Lockyer Valley, Qld and cant wait for big things to hopefully happen from this.

Well back to sewing some lovely vintage chenille bathmats and cushions, planning ahead for the Ipswich Show in May, where I am having a  stall for the three days of the show...Big week that week !

If you'd like to keep up to date with mimmis goings on, then please come over to my facebook page and have a browse around.

Talk soon

Miriam X

Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Morning to a wet S.E Queensland.  Looks my day off I'll be staying at home catching up on neglected chores.
Just wanted to come by and let you know about a MEGA giveaway The Handmade Expo is having.  It started this morning and its on facebook.
You only need like the partipitating pages and the Mr Rafflecopter will randomly draw three winners to each win a $200 market voucher which can be used at any of our 5 venues ( 3 months expiry)
So if you think you are able to get to one of our markets in the next three months, then Its worth having a go.
Never know you might find some new pages to follow !
All contributors bar one come to our market as stallholders,  so it will be nice to follow up and see their work in the flesh at a market close to you.

You can check out our dates and venues on our website too.

Cheerio !

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello, long time no see ! 

How are you ?
Its been so long since we spoke :-)  I am going to catch up with some of you tonight and some more tomorrow night etc etc.
Amazing how many of you pass me in the corridors of facebook, we wave and say hi occaissionaly.  Its nice !  I miss you though!

So I thought I'd stop by to let you know that I have cleaned up my on line shop and popped some things on sale,  in line with my shop in Foresthill.  A few bargains, 30 - 50% off some of the items.  There are heaps more in store,  I only have a small capacity on line shop at the moment.

I have embarked on presenting small mini workshop/classes in Feb and March in my shop.  I have a nice big back room/class room and am offering some quickie classes, things like basic embroidery, learn to crochet, scrap booking, quilling and one of my embellishment classes.  I say " my" but actually haven't done it before.  How hard can it be? It only will go for an hour or hour and a half.

If you'd like to come for a visit ,  I have a lovely range of stock at the moment including some beautiful vintage cups and saucers and some divine trios also.  I have some amazing clocks made from beautiful " Royal" plates and to die for jewellery made from sterling silver and broken china.  Of course I had to have a pair of earings, couldn't resist !

Here's my shop address , you can find me always on facebook at and my live shop address is Victoria Street, Foresthill, Qld 4342. 

 There's a google map around somewhere ! Perhaps on my website !  If not just google " mimmis" or pop it in your Navman !

Hope to see or hear from you soon, I've missed you :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Blog

Wow, I cant believe how much Blogger has changed since the last time I posted or even looked at a blog if it wasn't linked to Facebook.
Amazing how fast technology moves isn't it?
My excuse for lack of blogging these days is that I am so busy in mimmis and connecting with people is so quick and easy on facebook.
I am sure there are plenty out there who aren't doing the facebook thing so thought I'd pop over to blogger and show you some recent pics of whats happening in mimmis.
If you are on facebook here's a link to my August album
otherwise, here's some pics for you to browse.
Hope you are well by the way !

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lots of re arranging, moving furniture, finding places for lovely new stock and trying to create a theme.

This has been consuming me for a couple of days and still has some tweeking but getting very close to how I envisage the space to be.  
I have some beautiful new stock coming next week from a linen company so will have to do a bit of a shuffle next week again but the bones are there anyway.
Then there's the "handmadies" that come and go and restock and change stock so mimmis is always evolving and changing...I love this !  Never a dull moment as they say !

Scrapbooking classes are starting to fill again,  if you are interested in coming to a class, they are held on a Friday from 10am - 12pm about every 2 or 3 weeks.  Bookings are essential as I only have room for 8 participants.  All skill levels are welcome, even if you have never done scrapbooking before !
If you would like to book in or any info , please leave your email address and I'll scoot you some more info.

Next Sunday, 10th June,  I'll be taking mimmis and having a stall at Mummy Tree market in Toowoomba,  It's a big job, stripping the shop, packing it up and going on a road trip,  but I love the market  so it's worth it !   
Its a great market if you are looking for a day trip next Sunday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have just drawn my giveaway the old fashioned way and the winner is....
Melody, I have just sent you an email as you are the lucky winner.
Thanks for entering everyone, and thanks for following and liking.
This was so much fun, I'll be doing it again soon !